Matias Berretta,
Data Scientist.




I'm currently a Data Scientist at Healthfirst in the department of Enterprise Analytics. Before becoming a practicing Data Scientist in the healthcare industry, I spent several years in academia, where I focused on clinical research, developing novel methods to tackle health related tasks. In particular, I'm interested in time-aware modeling, deep learning, and the combination of the two (see Master's Thesis).

Data Scientist at Healthfirst.

In New York City 1 out of every 7 people you see on the subway are on a HealthFirst plan. With 1.4 million members, Healthfirst is the biggest non-profit Managed Care Organization in the Downstate NY area, offering a variety of government-sponsored healthcare plans such as Medicaid and Medicare.

MS in Data Analytics.

During my time at Fordham, I worked as a graduate assistant for the Data Analytics MS program. For my Master's Thesis, I collaborated with Harvard Medical School to develop a novel variation on Recurrent Neural Nets. The subject of my Master’s Thesis, this model variation was able to account for missing target values in time series data, and was primarily developed to track disease progression for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Google Intern.

While completing my Master's degree, I interned at Google over the summer to prototype a ticket-theming tool for G-tech with Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.

Playing with data!

Below you'll find an example of the kind of Topic Modeling work I've done.